Management Team

The Paradigm Management and Leadership Teams are each a group of highly skilled professionals, whose mission is helping Paradigm's customers get the most from their investments in business processes and information technology. They are also committed to mentoring and promoting professional development among employees and consultants by affording them open access to a vast body of knowledge and industry experience. As such, Paradigm’s employee-first corporate culture has allowed Paradigm to attract and retain entrepreneurial and creative consultants of the highest professional calibre.

Paradigm’s multidisciplinary team of leaders and consultants brings together skills from the areas of Project Management, Business Analysis, Management Consulting, Organizational Change Management, Application Services, Business Process Consulting and Infrastructure Services.

Paradigm Saskatchewan Offices

Saskatchewan Leadership Team

  • Karen Mayne, COO Saskatchewan, CFO, Co-Chair, People Effectiveness Team
  • Ashley Smidt, VP, Business Development
  • Grant Thies, VP, Consulting Services
  • Tacey Boychuk, Director, Consulting Services, Project Management
  • Brad Klinger, Director, Consulting Services, Management Consulting
  • Lisa McDonald, Director, Consulting Services, Management Consulting
  • Corry Ford, Director, Consulting Services, Business Analysis
  • Ron Sprung, Director, Consulting Services, Business Analysis
  • Tim Kuntz, Director, Consulting Services, Application & Technology Services
  • Mervin Yan, Director, Consulting Services, Application & Technology Services
  • Mike Plosz, VP, Solution Development
  • Deanna Clark, Account Executive, Business Development
  • Rick Dizy, Business Planning Leader
  • Ken Howell, Business Operations
  • Kim Maher, Executive Assistant
  • Mark Hustak, President and CEO

Paradigm Winnipeg Offices

Manitoba Leadership Team

  • Ken Howell, COO Manitoba
  • Gary Craven, VP, Consulting Services
  • Susan Zuk, Associate VP, Consulting Services, Co-chair, People Effectiveness Team
    • Bayne Robertson, Director, Consulting Services, Management Consulting
    • Sandra MacLennan, Director, Consulting Services, Project Management
      • Stan Majowski, Director, Client Services
        • Mark Vrooman, Director, Client Services
        • Suvojit De, Director, Best Practices
    • Ken Kumar, Business Planning Leader
    • Jon Wilder, Director, Business Development
    • Karen Mayne, Chief Financial Officer
      • Mark Hustak, President and CEO

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