Best Practices

At Paradigm, we are committed to making sure that the term "Best Practices”, is more than just a buzz-word that gets thrown around. In fact, we have taken Best Practices to a whole new level to improve our skills, and to provide the very best services possible for our customers. And, we have been doing it - successfully - for 25+ years!

Best Practices in any industry or field evolve over time through experience in developing the most effective methods. At Paradigm we are a group of highly skilled individuals, which means we have a large pool of resources to gain knowledge from. Our Best Practices team is dedicated to promoting knowledge-sharing and training among our own professionals to help bring that experience to our customers.

Our Best Practice events provide an opportunity for our consultants to share experience and insight while strengthening our culture and promoting professional growth. Throughout the year, over 80% of our staff participate in our Best Practice initiatives, providing many opportunities to build expertise and confidence.

Our Best Practices align with our service offerings, as well as industry standards, to assist in developing repeatable processes, common tools, and techniques for skill development. Our commitment to utilizing Best Practices is an assurance to our customers that an entire team of knowledge and experience is being deployed to ensure success.

You can benefit from our Best Practices expertise in areas such as: 


Paradigm awarded internationally recognized ‘Accredited Consulting Organization’ designation


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