Management Consulting

"Management Consulting" refers to the practice of helping companies improve performance through analysis of existing business challenges and the development of future plans. At Paradigm, our consultants have an average of 18+ years of experience in the information technology sector, with expertise in a variety of industries, including Public, Healthcare, Insurance, Utilities, Telecommunications and Banking Sectors. Our consultants have achieved the following certifications:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation – the highest, internationally recognized standard in management consulting
  • Lean Six Sigma Green and Yellow Belt Certified – a business management strategy that helps organizations identify and eliminate defects and waste in business processes and systems
  • ADKAR© certified Change Management Consultants

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Strategic Planning

Our consultants work with our customers to help define the longer-term positioning of their organizations in the marketplace. We assist in the development of their strategic plans using facilitated executive workshops, to examine external factors (opportunity and threats) and internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) of the organization. The workshop process also incorporates considerations surrounding the dynamics of the changing consumer and competitive environment.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

OCM is based on sound management of the processes for cultural change, which include strategic planning, business planning, role design, process design, management development, and performance management. Our process starts with a review of current quality and effectiveness. Once this is complete, the change management program is tailored specifically for our customer’s environment. The change management process ensures that effective organizational change is achieved, as well as assists in the creation of a change management culture where change initiatives become part of the continuous improvement of the organization.

Procurement Services

We offer a core set of services to support the process of selecting and acquiring new software, hardware or any major business asset. In addition to business case analysis activities, a selection and acquisition initiative typically includes RFP Development Services, Contract Negotiations Services and Contract Management Services.

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