Application Services

At Paradigm, we provide a full range of business Application Development, Application Management, and System Engineering Services. Our specialists provide services in a variety of hardware and software environments, while following formal delivery guidelines and accepted methodologies. Our scope of services ranges from providing individual resources to supplement your team with specific knowledge and skills, to full project teams that perform application project planning, management and delivery.

Paradigm has a proven track record in the design, development, and implementation of industrial strength, mission-critical applications for government and industry. We are technology-independent, meaning we can provide you with objective guidance in the selection and implementation of the best technological solution for your business, and we can provide you with expertise in a variety of software environments, including Microsoft, Java, Oracle, and ERP systems.

At Paradigm, we are committed to following the standards for system development set out in the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability and Maturity Model for software, and we actively pursue other improvement initiatives, including Software Configuration Management and Software Quality Assurance practices.

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