Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management is a structured approach for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure, or cultural changes within an enterprise.

Our goal is to support your organization as you transform from where you are currently, to a new defined state that aligns with your organization’s long-term goals, with minimal disruption.

Paradigm’s consultants engage with your key stakeholders, providing guidance and assistance, every step of the way. Our consultants enable you with the tools to win the hearts and minds of the individuals affected by change and ensure the changes are adopted and sustained successfully. The cumulative impact of successful, individual change results in an organizational change being successful. 


Whether your organization is undergoing an overall transformation or implementing a smaller systems integration or process change, we have the professionals to ensure the people side of change receives the right amount of attention, and that your change is successful.

Our consultants are extremely familiar with a variety of frameworks and methodologies from North America to the rest of the world. Paradigm currently has 26 Prosci® Certified Change Management consultants. 

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What Our Clients Say


We were very pleased with the program review that your team did for us. The Project Health Assessment provided us with a clear and concise picture of the issues and challenges that currently exist on our project. The Paradigm approach and recommendations have provided us with a clear and tangible path forward.


Working with the consulting team from Paradigm on our project has been a great experience. It is obvious that they are highly skilled in their respective areas and they always bring a positive attitude to the workplace. What I appreciated most about working with the Paradigm team was their ability to cut through the unpredictable politics of our project, keep everyone happy, and deliver good results. Paradigm are very good at balancing the needs of the business, while striving to deliver the project on time and on budget.


The Business Analysts from paradigm are extremely passionate about their work and completely immersed themselves in our business. Their wealth of experience in business process modelling, along with their multi-disciplined mindset, has resulted in quality deliverables for our project. We look forward to working with Paradigm on the next phases of our project.


We have a relatively long history with Paradigm. Working with our employees, a team of developers led by Paradigm developed and implemented the new system that also had to go-live in conjunction with three other government agencies. This all went off without a hitch!! The success of the project led to the creation a system that was the first in Canada. Their motto should be: "They get it done!"


You should take great pride in having helped deliver a system the size of ours. A lot of organizations have tried and failed to deliver systems of this size. This has been a long journey since receiving approval. We now have a great system to take into the future.


From my experience while working with Paradigm's consultants and participating in business process workshops, they have the experience, the leadership and skills to maximize the workshop objectives, quality and deliverables. They have been able to quickly familiarize themselves with our business objectives and our business processes. They have become part of the team here and are helping us to take our lengthy list of process improvement ideas and turn them into fully operational programs, following a sound business process management methodology, guided by solid project management practices.


The Paradigm Consulting Group's depth of consulting expertise in the area of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Best Practices is the strongest in Canada.


With their depth of experience in PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programs® and Management of Portfolios® with numerous clients in Western Canada, Paradigm is a proven and respected leader in this rapidly expanding field.


I specifically requested Paradigm for my project, based on their ability. It is a large complex project. If Paradigm were on every one of my projects, life would be good.


Paradigm has added considerable value to the organization in terms of the leadership provided and the knowledge brought to this area. I would definitely work with them again and would recommend them to others.


Paradigm brought excellent knowledge and Business Analyst skills to our project and was very helpful as they took the lead on delivering the key requirements and test planning parts of the project. Paradigm is very strong at grasping the 'real' problems behind the issues that came up.


I would absolutely recommend our organization use Paradigm again Their skills in Project Management & Business Analysis make them an exceptional resource.

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