Permanent Employment

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We are a family of professionals, committed to helping our customers get the most from their investments in business processes and information technology. The Paradigm Consulting Group has been successfully providing information technology and business consulting services since its inception in November 1990. Paradigm’s consulting practices are located in Regina, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. 

Paradigm employees are offered competitive salaries based on a combination of factors, including education, training and overall experience. Compensation is reviewed annually, and we take pride in rewarding employees for their best work. In addition to base salary, employees gain from a number of other unique benefits like sabbatical, professional development and much more. Employees are also recognized for contributing to Paradigm’s success through our profit sharing program which compensates employees with 10% of your annual salary available via the achievement of personal and corporate objectives.

Employees receive an extensive benefits package which is fully funded, and includes:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • RRSP Contribution
  • Taxable Benefits for Auto and Parking
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • Wellness Benefit

Employees receive a paid 6-week sabbatical leave after their first 7 years of service.

We offer employees 3 – 5 weeks of paid vacation based on their years of service in our industry.

Paradigm is excited to offer all of our employees the opportunity to be an owner of Paradigm through our employee ownership model.

Employees can invest in Paradigm and be a part of the company.

We offer an interest-free taxable benefit of a two (2) year loan, up to $3000, to buy personal home office equipment.

At Paradigm we are committed to continuing educational and professional development for our employees. In order to fully engage our employees, to aid in their success and improve our services to our customers, our areas of focus are the following:

    • Education: We believe that professional development is mutually-beneficial for Paradigm and our employees. For this reason, we will pay for 100% of approved employee technical and professional education
    • Participation: Employees are encouraged to participate in industry-related forums, groups, and associations, and we will subsidize membership and course related fees
    • Information Sharing: We believe first and foremost in the knowledge of our people, and as a result we have integrated knowledge sharing sessions into our day-to-day environment. Employees are encouraged to lead and participate in weekly lunch seminars in order to share industry Best Practices and experience with other colleagues
    • Mentorship: Through the Employee Relationship Management (ERM) program, each employee is assigned an Employee Advocate (EA). The relationship between the EA and the employee is informal and meant to be one of assistance, guidance, and information sharing. This relationship is fostered throughout the employee’s career, and helps to enable two of our relationship and career building success factors – communication and professional development