My 20 Years with Paradigm by Senior Consultant Bayne Robertson

Over the years, I have seen many new vibrant consultants join Paradigm, while at the same time many talented co-workers have retired or have moved on from Paradigm to new career opportunities. As I enter my 21st year at Paradigm, I am taking a moment to reflect on why I joined Paradigm and what has kept me here for so long. Sharing my journey with those who are new confirms that longevity at Paradigm is obtainable and to those soon to retire, it is an invitation to reflect on your own personal journey with Paradigm and to reflect on how much you have contributed to our success.

About Me

I am a senior consultant for Paradigm based in Winnipeg, with 43 years of IT experience. I have 10 years each with Bristol Aerospace and Jostens, respectively. These endeavours included supporting the manufacturing of everything from aircraft parts to rockets (it WAS rocket science!) and from sports championship rings to yearbooks. After leaving Jostens, I embarked on a 3-year stint managing the prairie marketplace of consulting services for Oracle on a global scale. I am currently enjoying my 20th year milestone at Paradigm Consulting.

So, how did I get started with Paradigm? What were my deciding factors? The key factors at the time I started still ring true today, over 20 years later.

The People – In 2002, it was the calm steady leadership of Paradigm and an ultimate consultant, who together persuaded me to join Paradigm. They convinced me that Paradigm, with the adage of “We care!”, was unlike any of the other consulting companies. This remains true today as Paradigm continues to care, demonstrated with engaged leadership and ultimate peer level consultants who take care of their employees, because we, as employees of Paradigm are recognized as the company’s greatest assets.

The Culture – We are one big family, based on a simple model for success, with worry free customer consulting for our top-drawer clients, building relationships and ever-growing as a trusted advisor. Being employee owned is a key component, allowing us all to benefit from Paradigm’s success and to show we have “skin in the game”.

The Buzz (enjoying the journey in the IT service industry with customers) – There is often an exciting vibe and sense of something new. In the early 2000s, the IT Industry survived post Y2K remediations and the internet e-business was starting to mature. Many Paradigm customers were seeking to refresh and expand use of applications, improve integration, and reinvest in modern infrastructure. Customers were growing their customer base and consolidating services. Others were involved in a massive acquisition strategy, maturing into a global insurance service provider. Others still were rapidly developing innovative telecom, television, mobility, internet, and other services. Demonstrating enthusiasm, instilling confidence, and sharing the passion towards our customers’ journeys are crucial to help lead them to success as Paradigm consultants.

The Difference  

This consulting organization thrives by providing us all with opportunity to contribute to success of Paradigm through our talents and relationships with our customers and communities. I recall working on Manitoba’s first collaborative strategic planning session, developing the market for ITIL foundation training and implementation services, finding a candidate for our first health industry contract, leading in PM and CRM best practices, serving on the PMI board and participating community events such as Habitat for Humanity to make a Paradigm difference.

My Advice; Just do it – be a part of Paradigm

For those with Paradigm today, use your work life balance to contribute your talents and knowledge to help in our success by participating in the growth and sustainment of Paradigm through our best practices. Buy stock for equity ownership. Keep developing and applying your skills aligned with our customers and communities needs to help them succeed. As a Paradigmer, build long lasting relationships, along with fellow colleagues and customers. By connecting with others and celebrating success, you will build partnerships of trust, long lasting memories, and enduring lifetime friendships. This my friends, are key to Paradigm’s continued success and growth.

For those of you that are not working with Paradigm yet, what are you waiting for?

Apply Today!

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