Is Your Career Search “Any Way You Want It?”

I enjoy writing, but sometimes I don’t know what to write about. I’ve written about customer service at McDonald’s, how Pitbull and Christina Aguilera could teach us about consulting, and some reflection on how migrating Canada Geese can be aligned to management styles.

It’s always on my mind, but I never know what to write about. I have interesting ideas but nothing ever sticks.

One of the favorite activities at Paradigm is how many people I get to meet. As a consulting company, we are always looking to add new individuals to our company. We have a fascinating story; employee-owned, sold to an Ontario firm in acquisition mode, repurchased via a management buyout with a prairie-based investment firm, and acquired a competitor. Our future is looking so bright we have to wear shades.

We are experiencing dramatic growth with large new customer wins. We have a new CEO and CFO that are bringing new viewpoints to the company.

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But again, what to write about?

It hit me. What am I talking about all the time? What do I enjoy talking about? How can I make a difference?

I spend a lot of time talking to potential new Paradigmers about their career search and providing suggestions on how help. Why not write about that?

I sat down and started writing an outline of what I could write about and was amazed at how fast the outline came.

I realized that I have a few ideas that I’d like to share. Everyone, in every stage of their career, could use some advice and guidance to find their next job. How can I share my opinions and help more than the person on the Teams call in front of me?

Yes, I know that opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one and not all are nice. I’d like to share my opinions with you. Use what you like, laugh, and mock me for the rest. I’m okay with that. As a middle-aged balding guy with a little British sports car and a wife named Barb, I’ve heard lots of jokes. Made a few myself.

In my research, I did come across one site that sort of made my whole series redundant. I thought twice about sharing it and still think it makes sense, please click here.

Sorry, it’s not that easy, it’s a bit of a journey to go on. It reminds me of the lyrics of that famous song that I’m curious if you can figure out. “Hiya Reader, Hi Ken, You want to go for a ride? Sure Ken. Jump in!”

blank, paper, pen-792125.jpg

So yes, jump in and let’s go for a journey. We won’t jump right to the resume yet, there is much more to think about first. I can promise that the journey will start like this but maybe not end this way. It will start with thinking about a new job; what do you want? Next, it’s time to think about when; are you ready to do a Johnny Paycheck or maybe you are ready to phone it in because it’s time.

But where are you in your career? Early, mid, near the end? It might be a bit confusing, you might need a roadmap to think about where you are. And then what kind of employer do you want? You might need to sit and grab a coffee to think that one through. What type of compensation? Lots of questions.

Now finally off to your resume, the interview, and then the job offer.

My plan is to take you on a journey. I want you to Don’t Stop Believin’, Be Good To Yourself and we’ll help you to get the job Any Way You Want It.

Now I hope that this start gives me the inspiration I need to keep writing. Writing this down excites me about the next steps.

Help me continue to shape what I am writing, what would you like to know? Do you have questions about your journey? Let me know, I’ll try to incorporate them into my series.

Starting this series, putting together the outline, and starting to write has been a good thing for me. You might say it is a bit of a shift, maybe even a Paradigm Shift.

BTW Want to know the story behind RickRolling, click here for a fascinating backstory

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