Choosing Your Coffee Size: What’s Your Company Fit?

It’s a Monday morning, and as I sit here contemplating my blog topic, I’m searching for that unique angle. Over the years, I’ve written about various themes like music, family, time, and even street signs. Today, inspiration strikes as I take a sip of my coffee. I realized that “my thing” this time is Starbucks coffee sizes. 

A very long time ago I wrote about my favorite way to meet potential new candidates. Sadly, that has changed due to COVID. What hasn’t changed though is my desire to be drinking coffee when I am meeting potential new consultants.  

Do you remember the first time you walked into a Starbucks and encountered their unique naming convention? Tall, Grande and Venti — each size carrying its own meaning and significance. As Paul Ruud so aptly put it, Tall is large, Grande means large in Spanish, and Venti signifies 20 ounces. It’s interesting how different perspectives can shape our understanding of these terms. Similarly, the size of a company can have different implications for your job search. 

Small Companies: The “Tall” Experience: 

In Starbucks lingo, Tall means small. When considering working for a small company, you open yourself up to a wide array of opportunities. In these settings, everyone rolls up their sleeves to get the job done, allowing you to learn a diverse set of skills. You may have direct customer interactions, provide services, and even delve into the operational aspects of the job. The close-knit nature of small organizations can create a sense of camaraderie, where you might be invited to the owner’s house and become friends with their family. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that smaller companies may face challenges during economic downturns, potentially leading to closures. 

Large Companies: The “Grande” Experience: 

In contrast, large companies offer a grand array (or maybe a Grande array) of benefits. There are numerous advantages to working for a large organization. Multiple departments with diverse roles allow for career exploration. If you’re unhappy with a particular aspect of your job, you have the flexibility to transition to a completely different department. Moreover, large companies often foster a vibrant social atmosphere. Whether you enjoy writing, participating in sports, or organizing events, there are various avenues for personal and professional growth. 

Companies with Multiple Locations: The “Venti” Adventure: 

Finally, we come to companies with multiple locations, or as Starbucks would say, the “Venti” option. Working for a company with presence in multiple locations opens up a world of unique opportunities. Let me share a couple of examples. Paradigm, my own employer, relocated me and my family from Regina to Winnipeg over 20 years ago, resulting in significant career growth and new connections. Additionally, my role expanded to encompass both the Regina and Winnipeg offices, which allowed me to spend valuable time with my family back home. I also know a friend who had an incredible four-year journey in Australia through a work opportunity with a previous employer. 

Understanding the type of company you want to work for is a crucial consideration in your job search. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as ordering from Starbucks, but a little bit of thought can help guide you in the right direction. So, grab a cup of coffee and ponder your preferences. And hey, if you ever need a place to go for that caffeine fix, I might just have a suggestion for you! 

Oh, by the way, I hope you never find yourself stuck behind this guy in line at Starbucks. 

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